I’m a 66-year young woman with a life-long love of physical movement.

Because of that, I went to university for a Bachelor’s degree in the Science of Physical Education, now called Kinesiology (that shows you how long ago I studied).

My career in movement and exercise began with dance, progressing through the Aerobics movement with the YMCA, corporate fitness facilities and fitness centres.

After all that time, I was looking for a more mind-body approach, and found Pilates. It had been around since the 1920s. Pilates offered resistance exercise, flow to the workout and variety within its structure, all in one enticing package. While I Iove to try new exercise methods and exercise in our great outdoors, I always come back to Pilates for the feeling it gives me of being taller and more limber, and for the suspension of stress.

Over the years, I have seen the impact that little or no exercise has on bodies (and minds). Exercise is a way to be strong and healthy, a way to feel younger than our biological age, and a way to continuously improve and learn. I wish a healthy lifestyle for all my clients, friends, family and community, and that is why I continue to teach.

  • Bachelor of Science of Phyiscal Education
  • Mat and Reformer Certification from Vancouver Pilates Centre
  • Full Equipment and Mat Course from Core Dynamics
  • Past Master Teacher for Pilates Core Integration
  • Bartenieff Movement Fundamentals
  • Gyrotonic Level 1 Certification
  • Gyrotonic and the Shoulder
  • Plus many additional workshops and conferences too numerous to catalogue here
Dagmar Viberg
Dagmar Viberg